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Rowena Henderson
7 November 2023 | Rowena Henderson

End of Year & Christmas Gift-Giving

You've almost made it to the end of the year! But now you have to think of the gift giving season. Unfortunately, you're already flat out - attending the kids end of year concerts; work drinks & dinners; meeting end of year deadlines AND to top it all off, organising the annual family holiday or Christmas Day festivities.

We understand what it's like, so here's a few tips to help you stay sane:

  • Have stand-by gifts ready - perfect for when you need something last minute; when you haven't time to run to the shops or don't know what to get. One (or three) of our Gift-Giving Packs are the perfect solution. Keep a few gift bottle bags on hand, grab a bottle to suit from the pack, and you're on the way out the door.
  • Buy a few mini Christmas Puddings or Christmas Cakes & add a bottle of Stomp Tawny or Muscat - these make the perfect, easy gift for Nan/Pop or Great Aunt Marge, one of your work colleagues, or, keep for yourself & pair with a mature cheddar when friends drop by for some Christmas cheer.
  • Need something unique for the red wine lover - Sparkling Chambourcin is a sparkling red wine that is best enjoyed super chilled. Perfect for hot weather and superb with your Christmas roast - pork, turkey & cranberry sauce and/or ham.
  • Sparkling Moscato - an under-rated sweetie perfect for so many occasions and not just for the sweet tooth. Try it as a base for sparkling cocktails, with fresh fruits for afternoon tea or your Summer lunch of charcuterie & cheeses. For the perfect gift, craft a hamper with creamy camembert, crackers, a packet of Lindt Chocolate Raspberry & Cranberries & a bottle of Sparkling Moscato.
  • Everyone loves the sophistication of a cocktail, and wines make a great base for cocktails. Either gift one of our Cocktail Starter Packs, or create your own gift kit. Find a pretty gift box, add 1 x bottle Sparkling Verdelho, two champagne flutes or crystal-cut Champagne bowls, sugar cubes, a mini bottle of Brandy (or we use Grand Marnier) & a bottle of bitters. To finish create a classic Champagne Cocktail card.

  • Elf on the shelf - don't do it... it's fun at the start but tedious by the time you make it to Christmas, trust us....

Here's the best bit, if you don't need the Gift-Giving Pack wines as last minute gifts, you can enjoy them with family & friends at your Christmas table.

If you need more assistance crafting the perfect gift reach out to us, we'd love to assist you. 


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