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Meredith McManus
11 December 2023 | Meredith McManus

Festive Sangria Recipe

Sangria - a light, fruity, fun drink with the ability to dial the alcohol content up or down. With Christmas just around the corner, I can't help but think this could be the perfect festive drink. Sounds like a great excuse to share a recipe and start making Spain's most celebrated cocktail!

1 green apple - cored and chopped
1 lemon or lime - thinly sliced
1 orange - thinly sliced (slices can be quartered if you'd prefer them smaller)
1/3 cup raspberries (or strawberries if you'd prefer. These can be sliced smaller)
1 bottle of red wine - a fruity, light, low tann style (we recommend our Stomp 2021 Early Release Shiraz)
1/2 cup orange juice
1/4 cup Cointreau, Grand Marnier or Brandy
Sweetener if needed (something like maple syrup or brown sugar)


  • Place all fruits in a pretty, decorative jug.
  • Pour in all liquids and stir
  • Chill overnight to ensure optimal infusion of all flavours.
  • Serve in pretty glasses filled with ice. (To add a more festive touch freeze ice cubes in Christmas-themed silicone moulds. Fruit, herbs or edible flowers can be added to the moulds to make your ice cubes look even more festive.)
  • Topping with sparkling water is optional 

NB: Will keep in refrigerator for a couple of days. 

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Meredith McManus
17 August 2023 | Meredith McManus

We're Seeing Stars

We're very proud to be acknowledged as a 5 STAR Winery in the Halliday Wine Companion 2024.

This accolade is awarded to "outstanding" wine companies that produce wines of "high quality" on an ongoing basis that have produced 2 wines rated 95 points or above in this current year. 

Halliday Points

Our 2024 point scores

2022 Semillon

A Hunter Valley classic with zesty crisp citrus characters. A perfect pairing for the freshest seafoods.

More information

2022 Limited Release Fiano

A medium bodied textural treat, made for summer salads, antipasto platters and spring time sipping.

More information

2022 Chardonnay

A classic, oaked Hunter Valley Chardonnay, pairing nicely with ripe, soft cheeses, creamy pasta or pork dishes.

More Information

2021 Limited Release Shiraz

We are especially proud of our Limited Release Shiraz. Only produced in the exceptional years (2011, 2014, 2017 & 2021) it has always received 95 points. 

More information

After a succession of challenging years with bushfires and floods, it's so great to see our wines and winemaker recognised. Not a small feat for our tiny business!

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Meredith McManus
6 September 2022 | Meredith McManus

Wine & Pottery

Pottery in the Vines, Saturday 1st October

Session 1 - 10am - 1pm
Session 2  -  2pm - 5pm


In this hands-on experience you will enjoy a tasting of our wines accompanied with a Binnorie Dairy cheese plate - all whilst making a variety of your very own keepsake pottery table and serving ware (mugs, little bowls and plates).

During this workshop, you will learn how to design your own pottery pieces using slab or pinching techniques and then decorate by carving, slip painting and/or stamping. The pieces will be taken back to Hunter Valley Ceramics Studio to be glazed and fired ready for pick up (or postage) approx. 3-4 weeks from workshop.

Included in the workshop:

  • Stomp! Wine tasting
  • Binnorie Dairy cheese plate
  • Clay
  • Use of tools
  • Instruction on how to achieve your individual design
  • Glaze firing


  Limited spaces available

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Meredith McManus
11 August 2022 | Meredith McManus

Why Stomp?

When Michael and I decided to start our business we wanted to make sure we remained true to ourselves and ensure the values we hold dear shone through.  We wanted our new venture, including its name, to reflect a little of ourselves.

So how did we come upon the name Stomp?

Just before entering the slightly scary world of self-employment, we were taking our children on a family holiday through country Victoria. I challenged myself to name our business before returning home. This proved harder than it seemed! Every night I’d sit with a glass of wine brainstorming. By the time we returned home I had a very long list of names. Sadly, all a little obvious… boring… blah…

The week Michael was finishing his employment with Tamburlaine our new business remained nameless. That was until one night I awoke with an epiphany… what about Stomp! As in, stomping on grapes to make wine. Michael tested the name on a few work colleagues. They loved it. Finally, we had a quirky name that suited us.

Aside from the obvious connection to traditional winemaking, our name reflects a little of ourselves.

Personally, grace was not given to me when I was born. In fact, I’ve never forgotten my first house mate exclaiming one morning, “for someone so slight you sure do stomp in the mornings!” Oops… I’ve always been heavy footed.

Michael and I are also quite determined. We did not come from a family of winemakers and we have not inherited a family winemaking business. All we have today has come from sheer hard work and determination.

Early in his 30’s when Michael was deliberating a major career change and the prospect of being a winemaker, we decided to give it a go. Why die wondering was our logic? Try it and if doesn’t work move on… We only have one life. We want to move through it purposely, stomping with attitude. Hence, not only our name, but also our tagline - live it… love it… stomp!

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Meredith McManus
29 September 2021 | Meredith McManus

Vegan Friendly Wines

Over the last couple of years, we’ve experienced more demand for Vegan Friendly wines. To date we’ve not had any to offer, as throughout the winemaking process we use fining agents derived from animal products. But we have been listening and working on a solution. Michael’s been busy in the winery trialling non animal based alternatives – one’s which don’t compromise the quality or flavour of the wines you love. The good news is, we’ve finally found one, derived from the humble pea and potato! Drum roll… we now have some Vegan Friendly wines:

Stomp! Limited Release 2021Sauvignon Blanc
Stomp! Limited Release 2021 Fiano
Stomp! 2021 Chardonnay
Pssst ‘n’ Broke Sotally Tober

Why do we fine our wines, anyway?

Fining is basically like filtering a wine. Without this process our wines would be cloudy and contain floating particles (proteins, tartrates, tannins and phenolics). These can be detrimental to the flavour, texture or colour of our wines.

Traditionally the industry has used fining agents derived from animals. The most effective we’ve found are egg whites and skim milk. Although for a while there has been ways to fine our wine without animal products, Michael has not been happy with the compromise it’s made to the flavour of our wines. Now completely happy we’re not compromising our quality we’re very pleased to be able to satisfy our Vegan fans!

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Meredith McManus
24 August 2021 | Meredith McManus

We're Coming Home With You!

Missing the interaction, education and fun of a wine tasting experience in our cellar door? Looking for a way to celebrate a special occasion whilst still remaining at home? Order one of our Zoom Tasting Experiences and we'll come to you, live. Stay home and we'll deliver wines to your door and have a fun, informative, hands-on tasting experience.  

Experiences will take place via Zoom, Saturday evenings 7pm - 8pm, with half hour extra question time if needed. You will be hosted by one of our expert team who'll share knowledge of all wines received -  discussing the varietal, its history, production methods, and best bit, how to taste like a pro and get the most out of drinking our gorgeous wines - temperature to serve and foods to serve with. 

Joining us is as easy as one, two, three:

1. Choose your experience according to your wine taste:

  • Bubbles & Sweet Wine
  • ​Classic Dry Wine 
  • Halliday 95 Point Shiraz 

2. Book your pack online:

Remember to leave plenty of time for our extremely busy couriers to get to you. We suggest approximately 10 days to ensure delivery. 

3. Join us via Zoom. 

Simples!  What are you waiting for?  Join us for your next online celebration or boredom buster!


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Meredith McManus
31 May 2021 | Meredith McManus

Stomp 2021 - What a day!

We can't wait for our annual Stomp! It never seems to come around quick enough... 

We've put together a picture of the day to show you why. 

Thank you to everyone that joined us, participated with such enthusiasm and yet again made the day so much fun.

We hosted members, visitors and friends...

The competition was fierce, with The Grape Escape being the winning team of the day ...

The food and wine were amazing - even if we do say so ourselves. Thank you to chef, Matt Dillow & his team at The Deck Cafe...

The stomping was undertaken with great vigour and loads of laughs....

From Michael, Alyssa & I - thank you for joining us in 2021. We hope to see you on 5th March 2022.

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Meredith McManus
18 May 2021 | Meredith McManus

Doodle, Discover, inDulge...

Picture of doodle drawings

We're thrilled to be collaborating with local artist, Rowena Henderson, to bring you an afternoon of mindful doodling and an in depth wine tasting, whilst feasting on local produce.

Join us as we:

DOODLE the day away with mindful pattern making and designs, creating your own mindful masterpiece
DISCOVER your favourite stomp! wine
inDULGE in locally crafted cheeses & the most DIVINE cupcakes

Participants will learn how to relax with the rhythm and flow of doodling and pattern making, creating an artwork to take home.

No experience needed, bring an open mind, the desire to relax, enjoy, learn & have fun.


Saturday 29th May
1pm - 4pm
$120pp inclusive of art session, guided wine tasting, locally produced Binnorie cheese platter and divine cupcakes from The Valley Cake Company. You'll even take home your own framed doodle art & a few tools of the trade to keep you doodlin' at home.

Numbers are capped at 8!


A Stomp Wine and Rowena Henderson Art collaboration.
Bookings essential, numbers VERY limited.
Participants must be 18years+

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Meredith McManus
16 October 2020 | Meredith McManus

Wine Diamonds

Have you ever heard of anyone finding clear glass like crystals in the bottom of their wine glass or bottle? Perhaps you've even found them yourself?

Don't panic, you've not found glass, you've found tartrate crystals or what winemakers sometimes term 'wine diamonds'.

Let me explain... Both tartaric acid and potassium are naturally found in grapes. During the winemaking process they bind to form a compound called potassium bitartrate. This is the same as cream of tartar used in your cooking at home.

Potassium bitartrate can become unstable at cold temperatures and can sometimes form clear, glass like crystals in wine. These crystals or 'wine diamonds' are perfectly harmless and if ingested will cause no ill effect, possibly only a slight grittiness on the tongue. 

Although harmless, many winemakers, including ourselves, cold stabilise their wines. This process drops the temperature of the wine close to freezing for 3-4 days causing the crystals to separate from the wine and stick to the sides of the tank. We then drain the wine from the tank, leaving the tartrate crystals behind and hopefully preventing tartrate dropout. The process is not 100% foolproof and sometimes tartrates are left behind and can crystallise in the bottle at cold temperatures.

Tartrate crystals are more likely to be seen in white wines as opposed to reds because we generally don't chill reds.

So, if you ever find crystals in the bottom of your glass of wine, smile to yourself and count yourself lucky - you've found diamonds!

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Meredith McManus
3 June 2020 | Meredith McManus

The New Norm - Living with Covid19

A visit to our cellar door is normally a very relaxed experience with very few rules. However, due to our new reality of living with Covid 19, we are now required to abide by very strict operating guidelines.

To ensure the health and safety of our staff, visitors and wider community we ask you to agree to the following conditions of entry to our cellar door:

  • Wherever possible make a booking to visit. Upon booking we will ask for names, phone numbers and emails of every person in group.
  • We encourage all visitors to download the Australian Government’s CovidSafe App before visiting.
  • Any patron who is unwell or displaying signs of cold/flu/Covid 19, or lives with someone displaying these symptoms, is requested to remain at home and ring and cancel their booking.
  • Be punctual. Due to strict capacity regulations late comers cannot be guaranteed a tasting. If running late please phone to advise – 0409 774 280.
  • Use hand sanitizer provided when entering and exiting building.
  • All patrons are asked to follow 1.5m social distancing and maximum capacity numbers of 4 visitors upstairs and 6 downstairs (excluding staff). Beyond these numbers seating is provided outdoors.
  • All tastings will be seated and we encourage you to bring your own pen to fill in order forms.
  • Contactless payments can be made by tapping card.

We have undertaken Covid 19 Hospitality Best Practice Training provided by the Restaurant & Catering Association and we are following stringent cleaning/sanitizing practices.

All that said, we hope you can enjoy your visit to our cellar door and feel safe in doing so. We are very excited to be welcoming you back!

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