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Rowena Henderson
30 October 2023 | Rowena Henderson

Pottering about at Stomp! Wines

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to join a Pottery Workshop? Our guests last week had a fabulous day.

We started with a glass of Sparkling Verdelho, introduced Hunter Valley Ceramics hosts Kristy & Sandie and ran through the schedule for the day. 

Under the guidance of both Kristy & Sandie we used "slab" and "pinching" techniques. These are a great way to ease yourself into this art form, to build confidence and create your first masterpiece.


The guests created a selection of bowls, cups and plates and then decorated them by carving and/or stamping. 

Throughout the workshop I introduced everyone to a range of our Stomp! wines, and shared the Stomp! wines story. This was accompanied by a selection of local Binnorie Cheeses.

The ceramics are now safely in Kristy's hands at the studio ready to be glazed and fired. They'll be ready for collection in four weeks time, to sit in pride of place on the Christmas table or to be the ideal hand-crafted Christmas gift.

Everyone agreed it was a fun, relaxing, therapeutic day. They took home a few new found favourites from the Stomp! Wine range and headed straight to Binnorie Dairy to stock up on their delicious soft cheeses.

We hope you can join us in a future workshop.

The next date for Wine, Cheese and Pottery is Friday 26 April, 2024. It would make a fantastic gift for any budding potters out there, a great excuse to catch up with a friend or a unique experience for you and your partner.

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