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Rowena Henderson
15 April 2024 | Rowena Henderson

Annual Stomp 2024

What a fun bunch of people! We loved our 2024 winemaking apprentices.

Everyone lent a hand testing alcohol levels & ripeness. We had stiff competition for the best blend with our budding winemakers looking the part in their lab coats & glasses. Marketing, team names & t-shirt design were all approached with incredible seriousness, creativity & team work. We had presentations of notes from our "Chief Winemakers", and a VERY entertaining Rap (complete with dance) presented by the winning team.

But it wasn't until the stomping started that things really stepped up a notch. So much stomping, squishing, grape throwing, plunging (of one's body!), loads of laughter & icky, sticky, grapey memories.

We can't wait for you to join us at next year's Annual Stomp 2025. Save the date 8 March, 2025.

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