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Meredith McManus
24 June 2019 | Marketing | Meredith McManus

Living The Life - a Story of Two Brands


Stomp! & Pssst 'n' Broke Wine BottlesI am often asked a certain question by the lovely customers who visit my cellar door. Something along the lines of: “Why do you have two wine labels? What’s the story behind them?”

Well I’m glad you asked …

Our two labels reflect a little of our personality, life story and ethos. Stomp, as in stomping on the grapes, reflects the fact that we are traditional winemakers using traditional methods and minimal interference. It reflects our passion to capture the unique flavours of our stomping ground by making wines with strong regional and varietal character – wines that speak of the vineyard from which they came. Stomping also denotes a purposeful act made with the foot and with a little ‘attitude’. This reflects a little of our essence and the way in which we are choosing to live our lives. Although Michael didn’t discover his passion to make wine until his early 30’s we decided not to die wondering what it would be like to be a winemaker. He threw in the safe, well paid corporate career and retrained and we moved to Broke to discover what makes his heart truly sing.

The Pssst ‘n’ Broke range of wines is for all those with a sense of fun. It’s a tongue-in-cheek reference to the ‘secret’ wine region of Broke Fordwich. Once discovered it’ll be a secret you can’t wait to share. Also, not being a fully trained winemaker, to me this brand is all about taking the mickey out of winemakers, particularly those who take themselves too seriously. We take making the best possible wine for ourselves and our contract clients deadly seriously… but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We know that in life you need to learn to laugh… ‘cause we all know sometimes if you don’t laugh you’ll cry!

So you can see at Stomp wines, we’re not afraid to be a little different… some would even say, at times, irreverent… but we‘re always authentic! We stick to our high ideals and passionately handcraft all our wines to capture the true essence of ourselves and our stomping ground.


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