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Meredith McManus
1 November 2019 | Meredith McManus

Roses and Vineyards... why?

Rose at end of vineyard row

Roses, and why they're at the end of vineyard rows.

There are two theories – first, and most popular. Roses and grapes share the same soil and sun requirements but roses are far more finicky. They are susceptible to similar pests and diseases of grapes, and they succumb to them earlier, giving the heads up to grape growers of what to treat and when.

A second theory is that the farming equipment used to be drawn by horses, and the thorns of the roses meant that the horses were less likely to cut the corners and damage the last vines and trellises.

These days we have science on our side. We have access to so much more information about how our vines are faring throughout the year that the roses are not necessary any more. But they are beautiful and worthy in their own right and sometimes it's nice to be a little traditional. And, as Michael won't let me bring the horses back, the roses will have to suffice.

Meredith’s Favourite Rose:  Mr Lincoln - who can resist it's stunning perfume
Alyssa’s Favourite Rose:  Double Delight - she loves it's fragrance and ability to last as a cut flower in a vase
Michael's Favourite Rose:  Are you kidding me? Mind you, roses are better than Jonquils! Don't ever bring those into the house.


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