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Meredith McManus
19 March 2020 | Meredith McManus

Stomp! 2020 - What a great day.

Stomp 2020 Fun

Thank you to all our Vintage 2020 Winemaking Apprentices... 

With some of the best t-shirt art seen to date; a shiraz blend that has Michael realising he had some very good palates on site; a feast, from Chef Matt Dillow, that seemed endless; tunes from Mark Henderson that had guests dancing; some particularly stylish stomping, squishing & even head dunking?

We had one of the best stomp! events yet. Thank you for joining us.

Stomp! 2021 will be held on Saturday 6th March. Add it to your calendars or if you suffer from FOMO, fear not, you can book your tickets now.

Stomp! 2020 T-shirt Art



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